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Resources for Scouts


Signs and symptoms of Lyme Disease – handout

How to properly remove a tick and what to do if bitten – valuable information/link

Tick testing kit – early detection kit for Lyme Disease bacteria- results in 5 minutes


How to apply Permethrin to your clothes – video on youtube

Permethrin: Safe for humans and has been used by the US Military for years in treating soldier’s uniforms. Encouraged to treat all clothing but especially boots, sneakers, socks, backpacks, bags, and even tents (will not compromise rain permeability). Can purchase at REI, Walmart, and on .

Send your clothes away to be treated by InsectShield – EPA-registered to last through 70 launderings—the expected lifetime of a garment.

Protect your yard – we are finding ticks everywhere, but you can do something about it- visit TickEncounter Resource Center


Study of children with Lyme and high rate of knee arthritis – article here

Kids and Lyme: How it Affects Their Learning – document by Sandy Berenbaum, LCSW

Children with Lyme and other tick-borne illness – link to information about getting help for your child regarding school issues

WEBSITES – national website on Lyme Disease with fantastic articles and resources  – International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society – Maryland-focused site on Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses – the TickEncounter Resource Center (TERC) I located at the University of Rhode Island. TickEncounter is the outreach arm of a multi-pronged approach to “solving the tick problem” both locally, nationally, and around the globe.


Watch award winning documentary on Lyme Disease – free on Hulu entitled, “Under Our Skin” – extremely eye opening!


Be Tick Smart booklet


Permethrin General Fact Sheet

Lyme Disease Myths and Facts

Tick Bite Comic Strip

Tick Bustr Patch Program GSCBergen County NJ

Harsh Northeast winter no hindrance to hungry ticks

Article from Washington Post- posted April 16, 2015

“Researchers focused on ticks and the debilitating diseases they spread say the heavy snow that blanketed the Northeast this winter was like a cozy quilt for baby blacklegged ticks that are now questing for blood as the weather warms up. And a researcher at New York’s Binghamton University said Lyme disease-infected ticks aren’t just in forests and fields.” The article also addresses the fat that researchers are finding ticks everywhere and not just in the woods!

Read the entire article here.

Dr. Shumake’s Favorite Natural Anti-inflammatories

In March, Dr. Lynn Shumake, P.D., compounding pharmacist at Vitascript in Columbia, MD, prepared a presentation for our Lyme group and Bryan Miller provided us with some outstanding information about pro versus anti-inflammatory foods and how changing our diet and intake of certain foods/plants can reduce pain and inflammation – a frequent symptom that plagues Lyme sufferers.

Dr. Shumake provided a list of his favorite plant-based, natural anti-inflammatories.