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Biofilm Formation in Borrelia

For the advanced reader- here is a great article discussing the biofilm slime that covers and protects the Lyme bateria from dying when antibiotics are introduced. It’s got some pictures!

Spirochetal debris vs. persistent infection in Chronic Lyme

This article will be appearing in the November 2012 issue of Future Microbiology. I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Stricker at a recent Lyme Disease Association  Conference and he was quite an impressive man.  He is well versed in both the research and as a practitioner. This editorial looks at current research showing how the Lyme bateria (spirochetes) persist through courses of antibitoics and explains the chronic form of this disease.

Read the article here:

New Mystery Illness or Something More Sinister (article published by USMWF)

I was asked to write an article for the University System of Maryland – Women’s Forum, which has sent out this article in a newsletter format to all 11 universities and will be given out to all USMWF conference attendees at their upcoming conference in November. This article talks about the inaccuracy of the Lyme tests, misdiagnosis, and the treatment controversy  as well as my own journey through this disease.

Read about it here:

Dicey Path To Lyme Disease Diagnosis

Mary Beth Pfeiffer, from the Poughkeepsie Journal wrote a great piece on the current state of the Lyme Disease Diagnosis. GREAT READ!|topnews|text|


Welcome to the Howard County Lyme Awareness Group’s website. We are located in Howard County, Maryland. This page will provide you with information about our upcoming events and with resources to learn more about Lyme disease. If you find a great link or article or have questions, email us at . Read a bit about my own story at .

Infectious Disease Doctors Say Don’t Wait! Treat the Bite!

Good news! FINALLY some ID doctors have changed the ancient and unsuccessful treatment recommendations! Please spread this around far and wide so we can get folks treated ASAP after a tick bite!

Benefit of IV Antibiotic Therapy in Neurologic Lyme