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Upcoming Event- How to Avoid Tick Bites: Personal Protection and Prevention

ticks reaching out   Join  us for this FREE event open to the public on Friday, May 10th from 7-8:30pm to be held at St. John’s Church located at 6004 Waterloo Rd  Columbia, MD 21045.

This event is geared toward parents, grandparents, gardeners, hunters, fisherman, hikers, Scouts and anyone who spends anytime outdoors! Learn how to protect yourself, your pets, and your family by not only using repellent, but avoiding tick habitats, and also by using protective clothing (and treating them yourself!) to prevent the bite.

Dr. Ron Hamlen has a Ph.D in Insect Pathology, Nematology, and  Microbial Insect Control, from Penn State  University and also received certificates from Harvard School of Public Health in Public Health Risk  Assessment. He is currently the Vice Chair and Science Advisor for the Lyme  Disease Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania and a member of ILADS. Dr. Hamlen has a  special interest in prevention of tick-borne disease, and the impact of  tick-borne diseases on children and youth. He has authored numerous articles  and his most recent is entitled, “Tick Borne Infections–A Growing Public Health  Threat to School-Age Children” which came out in March 2012. He also co-authored  a chapter in a textbook: “Pediatrics in  the Schools: Disorders and Treatment.”

Register here online  or if you have questions, please email  .

Lyme Disease- A Real Threat to Your Pets

dog1 This article is about preventing Lyme Disease in your pets. Check it out at