SCOUTS: Prepare for Summer Camps (tick prevention)


Prepare for your Scouts to attend camps this summer where they are at heightened risk for tick bites which carry Lyme and other associated diseases. 


Prevention flyer for scouts – flyer

How to apply Permethrin to your clothes (By Scouts, for Scouts!) – video on youtube

Permethrin: Safe for humans and has been used by the US Military for years in treating soldier’s uniforms. Encouraged to treat all clothing but especially boots, sneakers, socks, backpacks, bags, and even tents (will not compromise rain permeability). A spray treatment lasts through six washings or six weeks! Can purchase at REI, Walmart, and on .

Another option: send your clothes away to be treated by InsectShield – EPA-registered to last through 70 launderings—the expected lifetime of a garment.

Protect your yard – we are finding ticks everywhere, but you can do something about it- visit TickEncounter Resource Center

Repellants Vs. Insecticides: What to Use – link


Signs and symptoms of Lyme Disease – link

How to properly remove a tick and what to do if bitten – valuable information/link

Lyme Disease Quick Facts Infographic – link

Ticks and your Pets – link


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