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Gut Bacteria and Brain Function

A new study has found that the brain is affected by the type of bacteria we have in our gut – or the health of good bacteria in our gut. In the study, women were fed either yogurt with a good mix of probiotics, yogurt with no probiotics, or nothing at all. Whose brains worked the best? You guessed it! The women who ate the good mix of probiotics.

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CDC Finally Gives More Accurate Lyme Disease Estimates

It’s about time! Here is the link to the CDC press release regarding their yearly estimates jumping from 30,000 cases reported to now 300,000 cases of Lyme per year!!

Ceres Nanosciences New Lyme Antigen Test

Ceres Nanosciences claims it is more reliable than current testing, as it measures a direct protein rather than antibodies. It should be able to detect Lyme in the early stage, as it does not require an antibody response. It is still undergoing research but should become commercially available within a few months. You can read about it at The entire article can be read for free at:

8/4 Fox News interview about Misdiagnosed ALS Patient Who Really Had Lyme

Excellent interview on Fox & Friends Weekend News with a wife of a misdiagnosed ALS patient who has Lyme (in North Carolina).  Bless his heart, and thanks to her for her effort.  Please share the clip (facebook, twitter) and encourage folks to comment on it and thank Fox News.
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Living with Lyme disease
Why many cases are misdiagnosed. So happy for coverage on this!!
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Howard County Residents Infected by Lyme Higher than Statewide 2012 Average

This article was posted in the Elkridge Patch and shows a map of suspected and confirmed cases of Lyme obtained from the Maryland Dept. of Mental Health & Hygiene 2012 rates. The article is good, though as many of you will be able to spot, there are some fallacies like the myth that it’s easy and quick to treat- since most of the time it’s not recognized until it really starts to do some damage.

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