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Helping With Lyme…One Person at a Time

Greetings friends, family, and neighbors,

Lyme Disease can become a very serious illness and even fatal if not caught early. Many of us suffering from the chronic version of this disease have found that not only does it lead to a diminished quality of life, but also isolation from family/friends who don’t understand the disease, and because most insurance does not pay for Lyme treatment and the countless medications and supplements required to get better – a heavy financial burden.

I have never reached out like this before, but I am hoping that we as a community can offer support to a single mother, here in Howard County, suffering from Lyme and her 12 yr. old son, who are struggling to survive.

We can’t help everyone with Lyme, but with your help we can surely reach out to one person at a time!

Read about this effort at–one-at-a-time
(link created by friend on Maryland Lyme website)

Please feel free to share this link, and thank you for doing so!


Kandice Dickover, Founder
Howard County Lyme Awareness