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Myth: Once You’ve Had Lyme, You can’t get it Again (My recent experience)

There are some people who have the impression that once you have had Lyme Disease, that your body will build up some type of immunity to the bacteria and you won’t suffer from the effects of the disease again. It doesn’t sound too far fetched and maybe even downright plausible. Unfortunately, it is a myth.

My family and I have a community garden plot, in which we grow some fruits and veggies.  I often work, PROTECTED, when out in the garden, with tick spray and while wearing pants sprayed with Permethrin and big rubber boots. However, two Friday’s ago, I failed to completely spray myself and when I came home, I found a growing red rash on my stomach. I recall lifting my shirt to wipe my face because my hands were dirty and it was 85 degrees out that day. After dealing with this debilitating disease since 2007, I admit that I started to panic. My husband calmed me down and told me not to jump to conclusions. After I showered and took pictures of the rash (just in case) and after a few hours, the rash seemed to go away. The next morning it was gone and I felt relieved. However, within two days, I started to feel very fatigued (needing naps during the day and not feeling rested after waking in the morning or rising after a nap) and my joints started to ache again. I experienced neck pain and my heart would race from time to time. These were all symptoms that I’ve suffered in the past with Lyme and they were beginning to return. Despite all the things that I’ve read and all the recurring symptoms, I kept telling myself that maybe this was just a virus or something else. However, I decided to visit my Lyme doctor (I see a Lyme Literate doctor who is well-versed in tick borne disease) and she took a look at my pictures and shared got a second opinion from another Lyme doctor and they determined it was caused by a tick bite. So, without waiting for testing to come back (tests which are terribly inaccurate anyway–see other articles in this blog about those) I started taking Doxycycline antibiotic right away to make sure that it kills whatever that tick graciously passed along. Within less than two days, I felt 100% better physically plus it gave me piece of mind.  I will be taking this antibiotic for 6 weeks to be safe that it kills whatever bacteria is present and to ensure that the myriad of downright debilitating symptoms that I experienced in the past, do not take hold of me.

So, please be sure that you are vigilant and protect yourself with sprays and smart behavior when outdoors.

I wish you good health!