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Gibson Introduces DC Lyme Legislation


The volunteer-run national Lyme Disease Association (LDA) is supporting H.R. 4701, the “Vector-Borne Disease Research Transparency and Accountability Act of 2014,“ Vector-Borne Disease Research Act of 2014,” introduced yesterday by U.S. Representative Chris Gibson (NY-19), pictured.

The Act strengthens the structure at the federal level for addressing vector-borne diseases, defined for the bill’s purposes to mean infections “transmitted to humans or other animals by ticks, mosquitoes, or fleas, such as Lyme disease.” The LDA appreciated the opportunity to provide input to the House as this legislation was being drafted to ensure robust provisions to address TBD within the more encompassing VBD bill.


The Act requires the Directors of NIH and CDC (“Directors”), within 6 months of enactment, to identify 2 or more bacterial or parasitic diseases that have a high domestic incidence and to develop a scientific framework for the conduct or support of research for each. For purposes of identifying a VBD and developing a scientific framework under this bill, tick-borne diseases, including Lyme and other TBD will be treated as a single VBD. That grouping takes into account the geographic spread of ticks, multiple infections carried by the same ticks, and the clinical significance of co-infections in humans. This action prevents the majority of lesser known TBD in the U.S. from being left outside the scope of a framework, but allows for discretion in how to address each TBD.

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Spray Your Clothes – Protect Yourself From Ticks Through 6 Washings!

permethrin Attention all gardeners, campers, hikers, Girl & Boy Scouts, and parents of children of any age: May is when dangerous nymphal ticks (size of a poppy seed) hatch, and are a very real threat to your health. I’m sure you have heard of spraying your body with common tick repellant containing DEET, but did you realize that you can actually spray your clothing (shirt, pants, shorts, jackets, hats, shoes, camping gear, tents or any material) with Permethrin, which is a chemical that binds to material and when ticks come into contact with it, will kill (yes KILL!) ticks on the spot. When you use this spray, available on, at REI stores, and other stores as well, the sprayed items are protected up through 6 washings. This is a fantastic tool in the fight against Lyme Disease and other tick borne infections. I found this great Youtube video by Sawyer, one company that produces the spray.

The military has been spraying all their uniforms with permethrin to prevent biting insects and my family has been successfully using this product when camping with the scouts for several years. My older son actually witnessed ticks dropping off his clothing because they had been treated. I have peace of mind knowing we are better protected – though we also continue to use the DEET based repellent on our skin as well when we know that we are going into the woods where the likelihood of ticks are high. —Kandice Dickover (Founder, Howard County Lyme Awareness)

One woman’s story of healing from chronic Lyme

Erika Arens writes about her eight-year journey with tick-borne illness and offers some advice and also hope. Read her story here: