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Study: Lyme Forms Drug Tolerant Persister Cells

The presence of drug-tolerant persisters can explain the recalcitrance of chronic infections to antimicrobial therapy, especially in cases when the disease is caused by a

susceptible pathogen like Lyme Disease.


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Most people know some of the basics about Lyme Disease, but the majority of us do nothing to prevent it until it’s too late. Don’t let yourself or your loved ones experience the horrors that this disease can bring upon your physical, mental and financial health! With the number of new people acquiring Lyme skyrocketing to 300,000+ per year, chances are this disease will hit close to home. This educational presentation will provide some essential steps to protecting yourself, your children, your pets and others you care about.

We will share important information relevant to gardeners, landscapers, homeowners, scouts, kids attending outside camps/sports, pet owners and more.

Bob Oley is a Public Health Consultant and a Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease Prevention Expert and holds a graduate degree in Public Health from the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health. He has been involved in public health and site work for over 30 years. Bob has worked in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states as a Public Health Consultant specializing in tick-borne disease prevention. An important aspect of his consulting work involves advising families and businesses on how to make their properties safer from ticks, and on what personal protection measures can be taken to safeguard family members and workers. He will share from his wealth of knowledge on this subject as well as personal experience.

Sponsored by the Howard County Lyme Awareness Group

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Next Support Group Meeting 6/28

Our next Lyme Support Group meeting is scheduled for Sunday, June 28th from 3-4:30pm.

Our meeting will be held at my home in Columbia, MD near the Howard County Hospital . Please RSVP if you might attend and I’ll be happy to provide my address or directions. If  you’ve been here before, please let me know you are coming as well so I plan enough seating/refreshments.

All our welcome!