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Tick Killing Robot?!

Hmmm…get your orders in now for one of these tick killing robots! 😉
Read about what VMI engineers developed at

Why You Should Be Afraid of Lyme – By Pamela Weintraub, Special to CNN

Why you should be afraid of Lyme disease

By Pamela Weintraub,   Special to CNN

· updated 9:21 AM EDT, Fri July 12, 2013

Editor’s   note: Pamela Weintraub is the author of “Cure Unknown: Inside the Lyme   Epidemic” (St. Martin’s Press), winner of the 2009 American Medical Writers   Association book award, and executive editor of Discover magazine. Follow her   on Twitter: @pam3001

Here’s the link to this article:

Babesiosis- hazard for seniors & those with weakened immune systems

Read this latest update on another tick-borne illness with a risk highest on the East Coast.