Fantastic Lyme Documentary Aired July 17th

abc news
WMDT-TV Channel 47 Documentary on Lyme was Tonite!
 Tonite is the airing of the first-ever documentary about the controversy surrounding Lyme disease which focuses on our area of the world.  See local Lyme patients, hear interviews with specialists, as well as medical professionals who don’t necessarily believe in chronic Lyme disease.  Emily Lampa, senior reporter for WMDT-TV, courageously took on this challenge and created the documentary, “Tiny Tick Big Controversy”.
The show aired tonite – July 18th – at 7:30 p.m.  but you can watch the show soon after it airs on this website: 
I encourage you to visit their FaceBook page at 47 ABC and leave a comment to let them know what you thought of the documentary.

You can watch the WMDT-TV documentary, as well as several really good interviews on their website here:

Parents, please watch the interview of Julie and Kelsy Warren – a lot of good points are made by this parent whose child was diagnosed at the age of 6 with multiple psychiatric issues that were actually all tick-borne diseases.

Share Marilyn’s story with anyone you know who was diagnosed with “fibromyalgia”.  It seems as though she also has a message for the medical community (smile).

Autoimmune probems?  Digestive disorders?  Watch this clip of a young woman whose issues were tick-borne diseases:


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