Two Tick Testing Options

tick testing


So, you are spending time outdoors and you come in to find that some little bugger has attached to you. Remove the attached tick by using a tweezers, getting close to the skin as possible and slowly & steadily pulling upward until the tick releases. NEVER USE alcohol, Vaseline, soap, match, etc.. because it irritates the tick who may empty it’s stomach contents with disease causing microbes into the wound.

You then, might consider saving that tick in a sealed plastic baggie and sending it off to be tested for Lyme Disease and/or other pathogens they likely carry.


Here are two options to choose from: – tick testing kits for both humans and pets in which you get immediate results as to whether you or your pet have been exposed to the Lyme bacteria. The kit costs $25 for a testing kit and includes 2 tests. – Send the tick away and get a comprehensive tick report to find out what microbes your tick was carrying. This is more expensive (around $50) but it tests for many of the common disease causing pathogens that ticks carry based on the type of tick it is. Testing by UMASS Laboratory of Medical Zoology.


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