Bartonella Webinars

Discussing Biology of Bartonella, Human Case Series Published in J EID (May 2012) and Long Term Clincial Experience.

In May 2012, a team of veterinary and human medical scientists published in the CDC’s Journal , Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID May 2012), the largest ever case series of Bartonella spp. bacteremic patients in the human medical literature.

Beginning in September 2013, Ed Breitschwerdt, DVM, Professor of Veterinary Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases at North Carolina State University, and B. Robert Mozayeni, MD, founder of the Translational Medicine Group, P.C., Rockville, MD will present a two-part webinar series for health professionals (CME’s are being applied for, awaiting approval) regarding the biology, diagnosis and treatment of bartonellosis. These two hour sessions will be offered at Introductory and Advanced Levels. Plus there is an option for non-practitioners as well at a lower rate.

Dr. Breitschwerdt is a co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Galaxy Diagnostics, LLC. and Dr. Mozayeni is the Chief Medical Officer of Galaxy Diagnostics, LLC.

To read more about this and reserve your seat for a Bartonella webinar, click here

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