A Review of Studies On Antibiotic Retreatment Proves Nothing

Allison DeLong, a biostatistician at Brown University published a new statistical review that called into question studies that have been taken as proof that antibiotic retreatment for chronic Lyme disease is futile. That misunderstanding has led to medical guidance that discourages retreatment and insurance coverage for it. Instead, the authors of the review suggest, the proper reading of the studies and their data is that they prove nothing.

Many of the thousands of us who have chronic Lyme, can attest to the benefits of retreatment, but so far there had been few studies refuting what the Infectious Disease doctors believe to be true. Mabe now the Lyme community is slowly making progress toward getting others to recognize the benefits of retreatment or longer treatment in the first place! For Ms. DeLong’s findings, click here http://www.infectioncontroltoday.com/news/2012/08/lyme-disease-retreatment-guidance-may-be-flawed.aspx .

There maybe a 5 second commerical before it takes you to the site where the article is posted.


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